Brother printer not printing Windows 10 PC or Mac

Brother Printer not Printing

Printing is the backbone of many organizations where most of the working processes take place through the paperwork. But, there could be nothing worse for such an organization if their printing set up fails to work throughout. This could happen as a result of an unstable connection between the printer and the PC. So, if you are struggling in the same situation and wondering why is your Brother Printer not printing, then you have landed at the right spot.

Here, we shall be discussing some of the possible causes why your brother printer won’t print or why is my Brother Printer offline along with the things you can do to resolve this problem.

Brother Printer not Printing

Why won't my brother printer print black and white without color ink?

All the Brother printing machines are designed in such a manner so that they can print all the colors. But, in some circumstances, if you wish to print only black and white from your Brother machine, then it is important that one of the cartridges of your printer is empty. Thus, if your brother printer won’t print black and white without color ink, then you must configure your printer to print only black ink. This option is available under the “Advanced” settings of both Windows and Macintosh PC.

Things to try if brother printer not printing double sided

On Windows

  1. 01)Go to the ‘Printer’ section of your PC.
  2. 02)Select your printer and open its ‘Properties’ section.
  3. 03)In the ‘Properties’ dialog box, select ‘Duplex Printing’.
  4. 04)This option is available under the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  5. 05)Here, ensure that the ‘Use Duplex Unit’ is selected.
  6. 06)If it is not selected, then select it and click ‘OK’.
  7. 07)Now, you will be able to print both-sided.

On Mac

  1. 01)Click on the ‘File’ menu on your Mac.
  2. 02)Then, select the ‘Print’ option.
  3. 03)Now, click on the ‘General’ drop-down box.
  4. 04)Next up, you will see a drop-down list.
  5. 05)From the list of available options, enable 2-sided printing.
  6. 06)For this, select the "Print on Both Sides" checkbox.

If these steps don’t work, then you may seek expert assistance from Brother Printer Support.

Brother Printer Won't Print

What to do if brother printer receiving data but not printing?

If your brother machine freezes on receiving data or it receives data but still not printing, then you can try the steps that follow:

  1. 01)Press the Menu button on the LCD of the printer.
  2. 02)If nothing happens, press and hold the power button.
  3. 03)This will turn off your printer and may restore its settings.
  4. 04)If your machine does not respond to your command and still does not power off, then you should unplug the cord from the power supply.
  5. 05)Also, remove the peripherals such as USB or the Ethernet cable.
  6. 05)Now, press the power button again to turn the printer on.

By now your machine will start working correctly. If your brother printer printing blank pages even after trying these solutions, then you must uninstall and reinstall Brother Printer driver.

Queries raised by Brother Printer users

Why is my printer connected to wifi but not printing properly?

There could be umpteen of reasons why you are facing this issue even if your brother printer is connected to wifi. The most possible reason is that there is no paper in the feed tray or your printer has run out of cartridges. Besides this, there could be a possible connection issue that is not letting you take the printouts properly.

Why does my network printer won’t print anything?

At times, when the networked printers are not connected to a network or internet connection properly, it will have trouble while you are trying to take the printouts. In this scenario, the best thing you can do is try to establish a stable connection between your network printer and the PC. Make sure that both the devices are connected to the same wi-fi network.

How do I fix unable to print?

If you are not able to take printouts from your printer, then you must try to fix the related issues that might be causing the printer not to print. For this, you need to right-click on your printer and then select ‘Properties’. After that, click on the ‘General’ tab and then select the ‘Print Test Page’ button. If nothing happens, restart your printer as well as the computer.

Why does my wireless Brother printer won’t print?

You might have placed the router far away from the printer because of which it might not be receiving the internet connectivity properly. This is the reason why your wireless printer is not able to respond to your print commands. In general, you should ensure that your printing device and the PC are using the same wifi connection.

How do I reset my wireless printer?

Use the LCD menu of your wireless printer to access the control panel. After that, tap on the ‘Wireless’ icon on the panel and then tap on the ‘Setup’ icon. On the next screen, select ‘Restore Network Defaults’ and to confirm your selection, choose the ‘Yes’ option. This is how you reset your wireless printer.

Why is my printer not printing correctly even though it has ink?

Having full ink cartridges doesn’t make you printer eligible for printing. A printer needs to be connected and configured properly in order to respond to your print commands. In case you have recently changed the ink cartridges, make sure they are not dried and are genuine ones.

Why does my Brother printer won’t print after Windows 10 upgrade?

The printer works fine only if the compatible printer drivers are used on the related PC. Thus, if you have updated your Windows PC but have not updated the printer drivers, then you are sure to face this issue. To fix this issue, you should install the latest updates of the printer drivers on your device in order to restore printing.

How do I fix print and scan issues with Windows 10 upgrade?

If you are having scanning and printing issues after you have upgraded your Windows 10 device, then you should uninstall and reinstall the Brother Printer driver on your device. But prior to that, you should remove the driver history of your device. For this, go to the ‘Programs and Features’ section and remove all the entries of the brother printer. Once you do that, do not forget to restart your device.

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