How to Scan a Document from Brother Printer to Computer?

Brother Industries Ltd. is popularly known for its multinational electronics and electrical equipment. The company provides various IT devices that vary in their features and functions. But sometimes, you may experience issues while using these devices. One of the well-known products that the company offers are Brother Printers, which provide basic as well as advanced features to print or scan your documents. You can also scan your documents or photos to your computer using a Brother printer.

how to scan from brother printer

However, instances occur when you face problems while printing or scanning your documents. In such cases, you might wonder how to get my Brother Printer to scan to my computer. However, when you face issues like Brother Printer Scanner not working, you need to find the exact cause and proper troubleshooting guide to fix your problem. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some popular methods that you can try to fix any problem with your Brother Printers.

How to Scan Your Documents Using Brother Printer?

You need to follow certain steps to scan your documents properly. Given below is the series of steps that you can follow to know how to scan from Brother printer to windows 10 PC:

  • First of all, open the Control Center on your computer.
  • If you are using Brother Utilities supported models, go through Start > All Programs> Brother> Brother Utilities.
  • Go to Scan > Control Center and navigate to the Device Settings tab. Then, select Device Scan Settings from the list of options that appeared on the screen.
  • In the Advanced mode, tap the Device Settings button followed by a click on Device Scan settings.
  • Now, from the Device Scan settings windows, click on the File tab, and select PDF.
  • Make sure that configurations are properly set and then click on OK.
  • Now load the document or photograph that you want to scan on the printer glass panel.
  • Press the SCAN button located on the printer.
  • If your computers are connected over the network, you need to select the destination computer on which you want to save your scanned document.
  • Press OK and click the “Start” button to start the scanning process.

The above-mentioned steps will guide you to know how to scan pictures or documents from brother printer to computer.

How To Scan On Brother Printer Wirelessly?

The company also offers wireless printers that prevent you from managing long wires to establish a connection with your printer. If you are having wireless printer, you must want to know how to get my Brother Printer to scan wirelessly. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to scan your documents wirelessly:

  • Load the document or photograph that you want to scan.
  • Click on the iPrint & Scan application button on your device and then tap on Scan.
  • Make sure that the printer and scanner are selected under the Scan settings.
  • Also, check whether the paper dimensions and other scanning-related documents are properly configured.
  • At last, click on Scan button to complete the process.

How To Scan From Brother Printer To Mac?

If you are using your Brother Printer to scan a document or photo using Mac, then you need to perform the following steps:

  • Firstly, you need to connect your Brother Printer to the Mac using a USB cable.
  • Now, select System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
  • Click on the “Print & Scan” or “Printers & Scanners” option. Then, select the Brother Printer from the list of options that appeared on the left corner of your screen.
  • Click on Scan and then on Open Scanner option.
  • Place the document on the scanner glass that you want to scan and choose the destination folder where you want to save the scanned file.
  • At last, click on the Scan button to complete the process.

So, the above-mentioned information will definitely help you to scan your documents from various devices. In case, if your printer device is not working properly, you must know how to fix Brother Printer Won’t Print issue. These steps will help you to scan the documents and photos from your Brother Printer. If you are facing any problem with the above information, you can get in touch with the technical support team of Brother printers. They will guide you in the best way and fix all issues related to your Brother Printer.

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