How to Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Issue?

Brother printers are one of the most widely used printer brands and are mainly known for their amazing features. But there are some problems that you may face while printing your documents using Brother printer models. One of the common issues that occur while using printers is the Brother printer paper jam issue. 

Many users have reported Brother printer paper jam error that literally frustrates especially when they have to print important documents. To fix this issue, sometimes you need to configure your Brother printer and remove the stuck pieces of paper from it. There are several other methods, as well, that you can use to bring your printer back to a working state. So, without wasting time, let’s learn various methods to know how to fix the Brother print paper jam issue.

What Causes the Brother Printer Paper Jam Problem?

Is your Brother printer keeps jamming again and again while printing your documents? If yes, it is important to find the exact cause of the issue. There are several reasons why your printer displays a paper jam error message. Some of them are given below:

  • Your paper feeder tray might be overloaded. 
  • Improper paper type in the paper tray. 
  • Simultaneously multiple print commands in a row. 
  • Dirty or damaged paper feeder rollers. 
  • Hardware or software issues. 
  • Paper is improperly placed on the feeder tray.

Whatever is the cause of this error on your device, don’t panic. This blog post will help you how you can get rid of that error at the earliest.

How do I Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error?

In this section, you will learn how to remove jammed paper from Brother DCP printer and other printer models. You can fix the Brother printer paper jam issue by following some simple methods that are given below:

Method 01: Avoid overloading the paper feeder tray

Feeder trays of your printers can handle only a limited amount of paper. If it is overloaded, it will result in a Brother printer paper jam issue. Each Brother printer model has its own capacity. You can refer to the printer manual to know how much paper can be loaded in its paper tray.

If your printer manually says to load 20 sheets of paper at a time, then never load sheets beyond that. In case of emergency, you can increase the paper quantity by 5%, but more than that can cause paper jam issues.

Method 02: Clean the Paper Feeder Rollers

Sometimes, dirty and dusty paper feeder rollers make your printer unable to take paper or may even result in the jamming of papers. To avoid such paper jamming issues, you need to clean the rollers on regular basis. For this, you have to:

  • Turn off your printer and open the printer front panel.
  • Now, locate the feeder rollers. You can torch if you are unable to find them
  • Take a smooth cotton cloth and gently clean the rollers.

Once you are done with these steps, take a few neat papers and put them in a paper tray. Print a sample document to ensure if your printer is working properly or not. 

Method 03: Check Brother printer hardware and software

While facing the Brother printer out of paper error, check if there is any problem with the printer hardware and software. An outdated printer software can also make your printer unable to print and lead to various printing issues.

In such cases, update the printer software to the latest version as soon as possible. For this, visit the Brother printer support website and go through the on-screen instructions to install the latest software version.

Sometimes, defective printer hardware can also cause jam issues with your Brother printer. To diagnose it, you need to take help from printer technicians.


Well, these are some simple methods to troubleshoot the Brother printer paper jam issue. However, if you are still facing any problems while using your Brother printer, try to fix them yourself. You can even contact the professional experts at Brother printer support number to troubleshoot your issue. The experts are available 24*7 to handle the paper jam issue for you.

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