How to Change Toner On Brother Printer?

Are you using a Brother laser printer? If yes, then you should know how to change toner on the Brother printer. Changing its toner on regular basis can save your time as well as money. Before you start the installation process, it is important to know how exactly a toner cartridge works. Here, in this article, we have mentioned what is Brother printer toner and how it works and how to replace toner on Brother printers efficiently.

What is Brother Printer Toner Cartridge?

Before starting with the steps to learn the replacement of the toner for your printer, you must know what is toner cartridge. It basically holds the toner dust that can be used for printing in laserjet printers. These powdered colorants are melted by laser beams and destroyed automatically after a shelf life of 18-24 months. Many latest Brother toner cartridges print up to 2,000 pages or more before their replacement.

The laser printer has a low-toner warning prompt that appears if there is any requirement to replace the toner. Apart from that, the quality of your printouts will also degrade if your printer cartridge has no sufficient ink, it comes out faded or discolored. So, to troubleshoot the poor printing quality issue, you can replace the toner for the Brother printer.

What toner is best for my Brother printer?

So! It’s time to start the process of replacing toner in the Brother printer, but wait do you know which toner is best for your printer. To know what toner cartridge is best for your Brother printer, you can check it from the packaging of your old cartridges. 

You can also check the online official website and refer ‘What ink does my printer use’ guide section. This will show you the step-by-step process to find a suitable toner cartridge. Once you got the right Brother printer toner, you are ready to learn the brother printer toner replacement process.

How do I Replace Toner in Brother Printer?

Now that you are familiar with the basics, it is time to learn how to Reset toner on the Brother printer. It must be noted that there is no need to replace the drum unit every time until you change your toner cartridge. If you have recently purchased a Brother printer, then it probably came with a drum unit and toner cartridge. You can follow the below-given Brother printer toner reset steps to replace it:

Step 1: Firstly, check and ensure that your Brother printer is ON.

Step 2: Now, locate the small indents on the front of the paper output tray. 

Step 3: Pull out the drum unit and make sure you do not discard it as it holds the toner cartridge.

Step 4: Push down the green lock to gently remove the empty toner cartridge from the drum unit.

Step 5: Unpack the toner out of the packaging and also remove the plastic orange cover.

Step 6: Align the toner cartridge and ensure that it is properly inserted into the slot in the drum unit.

Step 7: Be careful and avoid touching the cartridge’s gold contact points as this may damage the cartridge.

Step 8: Put the drum unit back to its original place along with the toner cartridge. Close the cover.

Once you are done with the above steps, your printer will automatically recognize the cartridge when you turn it on. Just print a sample document to ensue everything is working fine!

Brother Printer Keeps Saying Replace Toner? It’s Time to Change Ink!

If you have replaced the toner cartridge on your Brother printer and it is still showing the same error message, you should change its ink. Go through the steps below to know how to change Brother ink cartridges:

Step 1: Firstly, open the ink cartridge cover and remove the orange protective part.

Step 2: Gently press the lock release lever to release the cartridge color indicated on the display of your printer’s body. Also, remove the cartridge from the device.

Step 3: Now, take the new ink out from its packet and smoothly remove its plastic protective cover along with the cartridge tape.

Step 4: Follow the color that appears on your machine’s display. Make sure you do not touch the gold contact point as it may damage the cartridge.

Step 5: Keep all the colors in their correct position. Put the ink cartridge only in the direction of the arrow appearing on the label.

Step 6: If you face any problem while inserting it, check if you have inserted the inks into the correct slot.

Step 7: Repeat the same steps to install the other remaining cartridges. Once done, gently push the back of the ink cartridge indicated with the ‘PUSH’ mark until it latches.

After completion of the above steps, close the ink cartridge cover. If you turn ON the printer, it will automatically start recognizing the cartridges and start the printing process.

Wrapping Up:

Replacing the toner cartridges for your Brother printer is a simple and quick process. But before you start the process to replace the ink toner of your printer, check which is the best one for your printer. However, if you experience any problem with these steps, simply get in touch. Our professional experts are always ready to assist with any printing issues you may have.

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