How do I fix brother error ts-02 on my brother printer?

With the rapid advancement in the field of technology, we witnessed a great advancement in the print industry as well. The wireless printing technology changed so many printing aspects and gave way to effective printing solutions. However, wireless printing may not always be successful until you have configured the printer correctly and Brother wireless printers are no exception. Sometimes, while you try to print from your printer, you may experience an error known as brother error ts-02. Thus, the users who were looking for the answers to their question “How to fix Brother Printer Error TS-02?” may go through this post till the end.

Brother printer error ts-02

Known reasons behind brother printer error TS-02

Well, there could be one of the following factors responsible for this particular error because of which you are unable to print:

  • Miscommunication between the WLAN access point/router and Brother Printer
  • The presence of corrupt system files
  • Or, the Windows system files are damaged
  • Missing or incomplete printer driver files
  • Improper deletion of any hardware component

Since we now know the reasons behind brother error ts-02, we shall be moving forward on our way to fix it.

Useful remedies to fix the TS error

Solution 1

The basic thing which you can begin with is to verify that printer is properly connected to the WLAN router or the access point.

Solution 2

  • To verify the connection, you can use a PC that has a wireless LAN system.
  • Using it, you can enquire if the access point is working just fine.
  • If you do not see any connection, try to build one.
  • After establishing a connection, see if the Brother error TS-02 is gone or not.

Solution 3

  • Besides this, you can try to bring the printer in close contact with the router.
  • Get rid of any obstructions that are there between the router and the printer.
  • Make sure that the distance between the devices is not more than 3.3 ft.
  • In case the MAC address filtering feature is enabled, ensure that the printer is not restricted from there.
  • If you do not know the MAC address, you must find it and see if it is allowed or not.

Solution 4

Using the Control Panel’s Setup Wizard menu, you should verify if the printer is using a 2.4 GHz radio signal or not. Most of the time, the TS-02 or error TS 04 brother shows up when your printer is using 5GHz radio signals.

Solution 5

Make sure that your printer is networked to the correct SSID. In this case, you must try to enter the SSID once again and see if the error is diminished or not.


You must restart your Brother printer after trying each step in order to refresh your printer and work according to the new configurations. To avoid experiencing brother error TS-02 ever again, try to make sure that the wireless connection is always established properly. Otherwise, you might have to see your Brother Printer in an error state.

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