How to fix brother printer spooling but not printing?

Being a brother printer user, you might have faced several issues while using your printer but Brother Printer spooling error has taken on the nerves of users. Although getting rid of this issue might be an easy task sometimes, however, at times it requires you to follow a set of troubleshooting ways to fix it.

brother printer spooling

Whenever you come across an error message that says you cannot complete the printing task because of an issue with the printer spooler, many users ask “what is brother print spooler service, and how does it affect your printing task?” So, if you are also thinking about what it means and how to fix it, you can go ahead reading the sections that follow.

What is Brother Printer Spooler service?

Just like any other printer, there is a printer spooler service in a Brother too. This service helps printers manage as well as coordinate all the printing tasks that are assigned to a printer at a particular time. The assigned tasks are being kept in its memory until it is finished.

What does it mean when brother printer is spooling?

As we have already discussed that there is a spooler in every printing device that manages all the printing tasks and arranges all the print commands in order so that you get all the printouts in an orderly manner. However, when the printer spooler program gets faulty or corrupted, you are going to face a lot of hurdles while printing. But, sometimes, even when the printer spooler service works correctly, you shall face printing hurdles.

This article is completely dedicated to fixing errors or issues related to brother printer spooling.

Ways to fix spooler-related error on Brother printer

Problem 1- brother print spooler service not running

Solution- Restart the printer spooler service

  1. First, open the “Administrative Tools” folder on your device
  2. For this, click on the “Start” option and select the “All Apps” option
  3. Now, go to the “Windows system”
  4. Followed by this, choose the “Control Panel” from the menu
  5. Then, choose “System and Security”
  6. And, open the “Administrative Tools”
  7. Now, you have to double-click on the “Service” option
  8. Here, you have to locate the “print spooler” service
  9. And double-click on this option
  10. Click on the “Start” button if you see that it is paused

If you see that the printer spooler service is not stopped and is already running, then you should first stop the service and then start it again.

Problem 2- brother printer stuck on spooling error

To fix Brother Printer stuck on spooling error, you must restart the spooler service and if that does not help fix the issue, do the following:


  • You may try to clear all the print jobs that have been stuck
  • Set the “Print spooler” to automatic by navigating to the “Start-up type” option of printer spooler in the “Administrative Tools” section
  • You may delete all the print jobs that are there in the print queue
  • Else, try to update the printer driver from the official Brother Printer website as this will also help fix the Brother printer not printing issue
  • In addition to that, you can also re-install the printer driver on your Windows or Mac device
  • You may also use an antivirus to scan or remove any malware on your device
  • Last but not the least, the option you are left with is to reset brother printer spooler which shall be discussed in the next section

How to reset brother printer spooler?

  1. The first thing you need to do is power off your Brother Printer
  2. Now, click on the “Start” option of your connected device
  3. Using the Search bar, locate the “Control Panel” menu
  4. In the menu, locate the “Administrative tools” option and tap on it
  5. Once it opens, choose the “Services” option
  6. Now, you have to scroll down and find “Print Spooler” in the same menu
  7. After this, you have to right-click on “Print Spooler”
  8. And, choose “Stop” from the same menu
  9. Furthermore, you have to minimize this screen and open the printer software
  10. Find all the print jobs that are queued in your printer properties
  11. Also, take the necessary steps to clear all the corrupted print jobs as well
  12. Next up, open the minimized screen and choose the “Start” option from the “Print Spooler” menu


These were a few tricks and tips to fix brother printer spooling issues that might be becoming a hurdle in your printing task. If you are seeing Brother Printer Offline message after trying these steps, then make sure you have connected your printer with the device properly. For more information, you can always visit the official website of Brother and get your queries resolved.

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