How to fix brother printer drum error and routine maintenance?

Brother printer drum error is often experienced by those users who have not cleaned their Brother machine for a long now. This error is pretty easy to fix as compared to other errors which might take forever to fix. The drum error simply indicated that it is time now that you should think of cleaning the drum unit of your device. So, this article gives you all the highlights of what this error means and how you can easily eradicate it.

brother printer drum error

What does brother printer error mean?

If you are experiencing this error message at the time you initiate your printing task, you must understand that something is wrong with the corona wire of the drum unit. This only happens if you do not do the routine maintenance of your printer due to which you might see error messages such as Brother Printer not printing or the Brother Printer in an error state. The error would only diminish if you do not clean it. Therefore, the next section is completely dedicated to how you can get rid of the Brother Printer drum error as quickly as possible.

Brother Printer Drum error troubleshooting

The error would only vanish if you clean the drum unit. Thus, the method to clear the drum unit is listed right here:

  1. Open the front cover of your printer.
  2. Remove the drum unit from it.
  3. Also, remove the toner cartridge assembly.
  4. Place both of them on a piece of paper.
  5. After this, clean the corona wire which is inside the drum unit.
  6. To fix the brother printer drum error slide green and blue tab.
  7. You need to keep sliding the green tab repeatedly.
  8. Make sure you reseat the tab back at its position and fits here perfectly.
  9. Look for the two small metal pieces that look exactly like staples.
  10. Clean these two as well and reinstall the drum assembly and toner.

After you re-situate things at their place, you need to ensure that the front cover is closed.

Another way to resolve the error

Just in case, if you are using a non-genuine Brother toner or drum, then also you are supposed to face the same issue. You will only get rid of the issue if you use a genuine cartridge/toner. Since all the printers are set in such a way that they would work accordingly. If anything changes, they would not perform as expected. If you continue to see this message on your screen, then you sure would need to reset the Brother Printer drum unit.

Method of Brother Printer Drum reset

  1. Turn on the Brother Printer.
  2. And, open the front cover.
  3. Locate the ‘OK’ button.
  4. Press and hold it for 2 seconds.
  5. Now, either press the ‘Up’ arrow key.
  6. Or, press the ‘1’ key.
  7. This will reset the drum counter.
  8. Finally, close the front cover.

If you continue to face the same error even after resetting the drum unit, you should get your printer serviced by appointing a technician.


The best to avoid falling prey to Brother Printer drum error is to do the routine maintenance of the printer. Also, make sure that you only use toner and drum manufactured by Brother and not by any other brand. This would ensure that you do not face any such issue on your way to print at your best.

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