How to fix brother printer printing blank pages?

Is your brother printer printing blank pages recently and you don’t know how to deal with such an annoying situation? Well, this is not a single problem faced by users but there are many problems that become the cause of their frustration.

brother printer printing blank pages

However, if you are also facing the issue with your brother’s printer, then worry not because this article has got you covered by showing you the best alternatives for getting your printer on the right track.

But before taking our discussion further to fix the issue, let us try to know why your brother printer is printing blank pages.

Why is my brother printer prints blank pages on Windows 10?

The most obvious reasons why your brother printer is not printing ink or completely printing blank pages from windows are listed below. Find the one that you think is the main cause behind your problem and then apply the respective solution for it.

  • Wrong paper size
  • No or less ink in the cartridges
  • Incorrect cartridges
  • Clogged nozzles
  • Printer is offline

With that known, let us have a glance at how to fix the blank printing issues at the earliest.

Solutions to fix the printing issues

  1. Replace the cartridges

Flip the cover of the printer to reveal the cartridges and know if there is enough ink in the cartridges or not. If there is no ink in it, then it’s time to replace the cartridges with the new one.

  1. Check the issue with the toner or header

Ensure that there is no issue with these two. If there is any kind of issue with the same, try to get clear of it. Also, the electric surface of the cartridge should be free of any defects.

  1. Try taking a copy of the print

If you are able to take the photo-copy of a picture, then there is an internal issue with the printer driver.

  1. Clean the header

Try to clean the cartridge nozzle gently with a clean cloth so that the dirt stuck on it gets clear.

  1. Fix issue with the driver

Check if there is an issue with the driver or check the modem’s setting for any fault. In case you find anything wrong with the driver’s settings, then you should correct them immediately. Make sure the settings are compatible for responding to your print commands.

  1. Disable the fire3wall/antivirus

If the firewall is enabled on your device, then it might be becoming a hindrance in the print command you are giving. Thus, it is better that you disable the firewall or active antivirus.

If your brother printer is printing blank pages after changing ink, then you should make sure that you are using compatible and genuine cartridges. The solutions listed in this article works fine with the Brother DCP-J125 printer as well. If the solutions doesn’t work well for your printer model, then you should seek Brother Printer Support.

Recurring questions on Brother printer

  1. How do you unclog a Brother printer nozzle?

To clean the brother printer nozzles, follow the steps given below:

  1. On the touchscreen menu of your printer, select the ‘ink’ button.
  2. After that, tap on the ‘cleaning’ option.
  3. Touch the color of the nozzle you want to clean.
  4. Or, tap on the ‘all’ option to clean all the nozzles.
  5. Now, the printer will automatically start the cleaning work.
  6. What is a possible reason for having blank pages come out of a laser printer?
  • The presence of empty ink cartridges or the toner.
  • If you have input the wrong size of the paper in the paper tray.
  • The printhead or the nozzles are clogged.
  • The cartridges are dislocated from their original position.
  • You’re giving the command to print the blank page.
  1. Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean printer heads?

Yes, you can use the isopropyl alcohol to clean the printer heads that are clogged. Use a fine cloth or sponge after putting some drops of alcohol on the affected area to clean it. However, you should be gentle enough not to damage any part.

  1. Why is my PDF printing blank?

Besides being everything fine, if your printer is not printing PDF files, then surely there is an issue with the printer driver or the Adobe Reader. To fix this issue, you must update both Adobe reader as well as your printer driver.

  1. Can you manually clean printer heads?

Yes, cleaning printer heads manually is possible and necessary if you are having trouble while taking printouts from your printer. To clean the printer heads manually, you can use any liquid solution other than water such as alcohol.

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