What is Brother Printer Firmware Update? How to Deal with It?

Nowadays, printers are one of the most popular and commonly-used IT devices that you might be using too. Printers allow users to perform many activities, like printing and much more. There are several printer manufacturers available in the market and Brother printers are one of them. Every printer manufacturer wants you to buy their ink and this provides them profit in comparison to just printer sales.

Brother Printer Firmware Update

Brother Industries, Ltd., the manufacturing company of Brother printers deploy firmware updates that help users to use their cartridges effectively.  These updates temporarily block compatible cartridges from working in your printer and makes them unable to print until a firmware fix is applied.  Here, in this article, we have mentioned all information about Brother printer firmware updates that you must know before installing them.

What Does Brother Printer Firmware Update Actually Mean?

Before installing Brother printer software update on Windows 10 system, you must know what this update actually is. A firmware update is software that allows users to improve printer’s functionality.  The manufacturing company releases firmware updates on regular basis, approximately every few months.  It totally depends on you whether you want to install that update in your system or not.

You can manually execute the process for Brother printer driver download using the display screen of your printer. You can also turn on the automatic updates setting on your printer so the updates will get automatically installed when they’re available.

How to Download Brother Firmware Update Using Firmware Update Tool?

Given below are some simple steps that you can follow for Brother firmware update Tool download in your system:

  • Firstly, download the Firmware Update Tool from the official Brother website,i.e., http://support.Brother.com.
  • After successful download, open the Download folder and click Run or Continue button to start the application.
  • Now, select your Brother printer machine that you want to update from the list and tap Next or Continue.

Ensure whether your machine is turned on and check whether the USB cable is connected to your machine and your computer. You can also use WPS Pin on Brother Printer to establish connection with your device.

  • Then, go through the terms and agreements that appear on the screen and click on the “I accept” or “Yes” button to continue.
  • Now enter the password of your Brother printer in the prompt box and then click OK button to continue. By default, the password of your printer is “access.”
  • Now the update process will begin and this may take up to 10-15 minutes.

Once the firmware update process is successfully completed, click Done to finish the process.

How to Update Brother Printer Firmware from iPhone?

You can update your machine’s firmware using Brother iPrint&Scan by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, launch Brother iPrint&Scan app on your device and select your Brother machine.
  • If there is any firmware update available for your printer, the “Firmware Update” pop-up will appear on the screen. Click the Update button.
  • Click Update and go through on-screen instructions.
  • Tap Check for new firmware and then click Update button.
  • When the firmware update is finished, the Successfully Completed message will appear on screen.

Quick Methods to Fix Brother Printer Firmware Update Issues

Sometimes, you may experience Brother printer firmware update failed or interrupted error message while updating it. Here are the quick steps that you can try to fix such issues:

  • Make sure your printer has a proper connection with the device from which you need to print documents/images.
  • Check whether the printer drivers are as per the OS version installed in your system.
  • The software must be properly updated as corrupted files can cause issues while printing the documents.


Hope, this article has provided you all the information about the Brother printer firmware update. Just keep all these points in mind as this will definitely help when you are working on a device. However, if you get stuck with these steps or need any help then you can visit the official website. It provides all the information for the related queries and information.

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