How to find brother printer default password?

How to set up Brother Wireless Printer?At the time of establishing a secure connection between your Brother Printer and PC, you are asked to enter the Brother Printer default password. While some of the users might find it difficult to get their hands on the default admin password for Brother Printer but it is not difficult as you might be thinking. This password is not only needed to establish a connection but also when you need to factory reset your printer.

find brother printer default password

Since the default password for all the Brother printers is the same, for some printers it might vary. The default password is set at the time of its manufacturing, but one must change it if he does not want anyone else changing configurations on your machine. So, in this article, we shall try to find out the default password of Brother and learn the method to change it as well.

What is the brother printer default username and password?

In most cases, the default password of a Brother Printer is “access” and you can try to use the same during printer configuration. However, if this does not serve the purpose, in that case, you can also use “inti pass.” One should change the default password as soon as he buys a new printer. So, below, we shall learn the method to change the default username and password of a Brother machine. On the other hand, the default username of any Brother printer is “admin.”

Change the default admin password for brother printer?

If you want to change the default admin password of your Brother machine, then look nowhere else. Just go through these steps and you are done.

  1. Turn on your Brother Printer and a PC.
  2. Now, connect both the devices to the same network.
  3. Open a browser and go to the ‘Network Configuration’ page.
  4. On this page, enter “access” as the password, when prompted.
  5. Here, you will see three options, namely:
  • Change password
  • Configure password
  • Password & Contact
  1. Choose the appropriate option to proceed further.
  2. After choosing the ‘Change password’ option, enter a new one.
  3. Once you are done, hit the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.

Brother printer change or reset wifi password

To change or reset the wifi password of your printer, follow these easy steps:

  1. In the search bar of a browser, type “http://machine’s IP address.”
  2. The IP address of your Brother printer will be shown on your screen.
  3. After this, you will see the login page on the screen.
  4. In the default password field, enter “access.”
  5. Else, enter “inti pass.”
  6. Now, click on the ‘Administration’ tab and choose ‘Login Password.’
  7. Select ‘Enter New Password.’
  8. Type the new password in the given box.
  9. Re-type the same password.
  10. Finally, click ‘Done’ or ‘Submit.’

This is how you can change or reset the default password of your Brother Printer.


This blog post has clearly described the methods to find the default password of a Brother Printer along with the method to reset or change it. To read more such useful posts, such as how to fix brother printer offline issues or how to find the WPS pin on brother printer, you may simply navigate to the ‘Blog’ section of this page and read through the informative posts.

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